My 7-Day Meal Plan & My Relationship With Food

7-day meal plan

This week in my Instagram stories I shared how we do our meal planning & grocery shopping (click here if you missed it). I promised to share more details so today I am diving deeper into my 7-day meal plan and also how my relationship with food has changed over the last few months. Here it goes…


My relationship with food

A healthy relationship with food is something I think many of us struggle with, myself included. I want to tread lightly around this subject because this is something I am still learning. I’m not an expert by any means so please keep that in mind.


Here’s what I changed: I removed the connotation of food as a reward, and instead began thinking of food as nourishment.


That’s it. If I take a step back and look at the big picture, my food choices will either give me energy and keep me full. Or they can leave me lethargic, unhealthy and drained. This isn’t about perfection because I definitely don’t get this right 100% of the time. And sometimes a brownie does nourish my body, you know? It’s simply about taking a minute to pause before I plan out my meals or eat a said meal to make sure my food choices will allow me to show up as the mom, wife, friend that I want to be.

So with that in mind, I try to plan out my daily diet to make sure I am eating food that will keep me energized and full throughout the day.


Here is what my daily diet looks like:

5:00 am – Cup of Coffee & Water

7:00 am – Green Smoothie (recipe here)

12:00 pm – Taco Salad (recipe in my Health highlight here), sparkling water & and a small piece of chocolate

6:00 pm – Dinner


A few notes on breakfast and lunch:

My days pretty much look like me sprinting after two toddlers 24-7. I don’t have time to make anything fancy and I need to make sure I have the energy to keep up with them. So keep in mind, your goal for the day might be different from mine & that will reflect what food choices you make. No matter what, I swear by the green smoothies every single morning. They are a huge game changer and adding them to my diet was the second change I made on my health journey (after drinking water). I wouldn’t say they taste delicious but they get the job done. If you are looking for a change, get on the green smoothie train with me!


Typically Dinner Rotation:

Sunday – Deposit in the bank (which just means a more elaborate meal to set us up for the week)

Monday – Pasta

Tuesday – Tacos

Wednesday – Leftovers or freezer meal

Thursday – Date night

Friday – Pizza

Saturday – Out or grilling


A few notes on dinner:

I try to stick to this general 7-day meal plan but obviously life happens, weeks change and we keep things flexible around here. This gives you a rough idea of what we usually do. It’s a little more art than science. Sometimes David is gone for work and I need to adjust to quicker meals since I won’t have back-up coverage during dinner prep. Sometimes I have a girl’s dinner out with friends so taco night is off the table and it’s more like mac n’ cheese. Or sometimes sh*t hits the fan and we order in sushi. Either way, we try to keep things realllly simple around here because frankly most of my energy is going into raising twin toddlers right now. This isn’t the season for elaborate meals and that’s okay for us. I know we will get back there eventually.


Other tips:

  • I try not to snack in between meals. If I am hungry, I stick to high-fat choices which will keep me full. A few of my favorites: nuts, nut-butter packs, or a whole milk latte.
  • I attempt to limit alcohol during the week to social occasions and date night. For me, that has made a huge difference in the quality of my sleep. I still enjoy wine & cocktails but only on the weekends.
  • I drink lots of water throughout the day. I recently purchased one of these water bottles and it has made a huge difference in my water intake. I love how it stays cold throughout the day & the straw makes me drink the water so much faster. You can read more of my hydration tips in this post.
  • Since food is no longer a reward, I have found other things to reward myself with: a hot bath, a good reality tv show, a long walk with a podcast


I hope this is helpful and gives you some takeaways for your situation. As always, please leave any questions in the comments or reach out to me via email here. XO

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