A New Year and a Home Management Series Ahead

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Hi, my friends! And Happy New Year! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season with those you treasure the most. If you noticed, I took some time off from posting on the blog to spend time with family and reflect on 2019.


One of my favorite times of the year is that week between Christmas and New Year when you forget what day of the week it is and can still feel the glow of the holiday lights all around you. This time I took advantage of the extra child-care help (thank you, family) to step away and reflect on what worked and didn’t work in the last year. It’s important for me to honestly gauge what added value to my life and what didn’t. The list was long this year, friends. 2019 was one of letting go and learning. All of which I will take with me into the new year and decade.


And that brings me to this space. Amid my yearly planning, I also spent a ton of time thinking about the topics for the blog and where I can add the most value to you. I laid out the entire outline for the year ahead and I am so excited!  Here is what I came up with:


  • 1st Quarter = Home Management 101
  • 2nd Quarter = Health
  • 3rd Quarter = Motherhood
  • 4th Quarter = Relationships, Planning for the Holidays & Creating the Life you Love


We are kicking off with a series on Home Management 101. I define home management as systems and routines that keep your house running smoothly. When done correctly, home management creates a place where your family feels safe, known, encouraged and loved. Whether you are a working parent or a stay-at-home parent, this is something that all of us need to think about and prioritize but often falls to the backburner.


In January we will focus on physical spaces. I will take you through how I have used decluttering, organization and a cleaning routine to create a life-giving, joy-filled home (most days) for my family.  These things are not easy but they are an important place to start. Why? Because your physical surroundings matter more than you may even realize. I worked in the interior design industry long enough to know the power of a beautiful home. Also, I want to encourage you that you don’t need an interior designer or a Pinterest-perfect space to make this process work. But I truly believe that to get into a good frame of mind about your life, you need your physical space to be one of comfort, peace, and safety. Do not underestimate this process.


Next week we will look at how and why to declutter. My favorite resource for this is Allie Casazza. She has an awesome podcast and her minimalism course (which I have taken) walks you through how to declutter your entire house. Second, we will walk through steps to get organized. My favorite resource here is Emily Ley. Her encouragement toward simplicity is something that resonates deeply with me. And finally, we will round out January talking about setting up a cleaning routine that works for your house and schedule. Kendra Hennessey from Mother Like A Boss has a wonderful podcast and course to help anyone that needs extra encouragement here.


These topics can’t be fully covered in one weekly blog post. There is so much information to dig into each of these topics. My goal in this series is to share what has worked for my family and to share my favorite resources. I will elaborate on the specific things I have done to get to our house to the spot it is today. If there is a particular area that you struggle with I would encourage you to dive deeper into the resources I share.


One final thing: My hope more than anything is that this series an encouragement for you. Are you overwhelmed by your insurmountable to-do list and disheartened by the state of your home right now? I have been there. I have gone before you and done this work. Let me guide you. It just takes one small step forward each day. You’ve got this!


We have an exciting year and a decade ahead of us. My goal is to show up here honestly and openly for you in this space. Thank you for joining me on this journey. As always, please let me know if you have any comments or questions. You can reach me over email here or find out more on Instagram and my new Facebook page. Cheering you on always, friends!

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