A Big Boy Bedroom Reveal + Before & After

Today I’m excited to share Matthew’s room with you – a big boy bedroom for our 3-year-old. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to refresh a room. Read on for more details…

Here it is today:

big boy bedroom

And here is the Before:

big boy bedroom

As you can see, the wallpaper was pretty hard to look past but once it was removed the space was immediately transformed. We also gave the yellow trim a fresh coat of paint and replaced the can lights. After those items were checked off our contractor’s list, this room was basically ready for the fun stuff…design!

Big Boy Bedroom Mood Board

Son's Toddler Bedroom

I generally start all of my room designs with a mood board that I create on Canva. Even if it’s a simple few photos pulled together, like the one above, the board gives me a vision and informs my design decisions throughout the process. You can learn more about how I create them over on my Instagram Stories “Design” highlight if you are interested.

Getting Started

In general my philosophy with kids’ rooms is two-fold: cheap & simple. Ikea, Target, or hand-me-downs are my go-to stops for shopping purposes. I also don’t have a ton of furniture or accessories in my kid’s rooms because I hope to fill it up with them as they grow older.

Taking Inventory

We started Matthew’s big boy bedroom design by taking an inventory of what we already had. We were going to use the rug from our Houston nursery in his room – check! It’s from Dash & Albert and we love it. I also had a dresser from my New York City days that had traveled with me ever since. That would go into his room too – check! He would get an old lamp and chair that we had in our Houston guest room and wouldn’t fit in our new one – check! With those items, we were pretty well set-up and only left a few remaining purchases: window treatments, a bed, a nightstand and a bookcase.

Window Treatments

big boy bedroom

big boy bedroom

Especially in bedrooms, one of the most important things is selecting the right window treatments. Obviously, the privacy factor is a big part of that. No one wants to be changing in front of the neighbors. This was the first design choice I made in the room for that reason. He has one odd-shaped window – it’s short and wide. Curtains wouldn’t look right so I knew a roman shade was the way to go in here. I worked with The Shade Store to pick out a fun fabric. They measured/installed everything ane were so easy to work with.  They have a ton of fun kid fabric options but I was conscious of choosing something that he wouldn’t age out of too quickly. I’m so pleased with how it turned out.

We also wanted to make sure the room was completely blacked out. My kids still take naps during the day and go to sleep before the sun goes down. I bought these blackout shades which adhere directly to the window frame with velcro and go behind the roman shade to make the room pitch black. It works like a charm!

Toddler Bed

big boy bedroom

(sorry for the grainy iPhone photo)

One of the things I struggled with was what bed size to put him in after he moved out of the crib. I wasn’t sure if a toddler, twin or queen was the right choice. After much debate, I settled on a twin and found this cute bed & side table set from Pottery Barn on sale. I liked that he could get on and off by himself but also not feel like he’s swimming in a big queen size mattress. I know that we will have to upgrade this when he gets bigger but he loves it for now.

The bedding is all Target. We also added these bumpers, which go under his sheets and have worked well so he doesn’t roll out in the middle of the night.

Other Big Boy Bedroom Things

  • Baskets, baskets, baskets. I don’t think you can ever have enough basket storage in a kids room. I find all my cute ones at Target and Marshalls.
  • We got the bookcase at a consignment store for $25. Books are a huge part of our daily routine and I want to make sure my kids always have books close by.

The most important part of all of this is Matthew loves his big boy bedroom room! And it’s also the reason why it’s so hard to get good pictures in here 😉

big boy bedroom

All the sources are below and I’m happy to answer any of your questions in the comments or over email. XO

Toddler Room Sources

Window Treatments



Dog Art

Llama Basket



Sound Machine

Pain Color: Walls in Benjamin Moore Alaskan Husky (1479) and Trim in Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17)

Contractor: Ben Moomaw of Wichello Contracting

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