Favorite Outdoor Activities with 4 Year Olds

toddler outdoor activities

Hi everyone! We have been at this quarantine-at-home gig for a few months now which means I have basically done every activity possible for entertaining 3-4-year-olds. I will be doing a series of posts about our favorites starting today. My plan is to cover toddler outdoor activities, indoor activities, sensory activities and quiet time activities. I want to keep track of everything in one place so, hopefully, it will be a helpful resource to some of you out there. Stay safe and healthy out there, friends! XO

toddler outdoor activities


Water Fun

  • Water Table – there are endless ways to use a water table: throw in ice, throw in water beads, give your toys a bath. It is a favorite activity in our house when we need a change of pace. This is the one we have & love.
  • Animal Ice Rescue – This is another twist on the water table fun. Start by freezing some animal figures in muffin tins, once they are frozen have your child “rescue” them by popping them in the water table and pouring warm water on top.
  • Outdoor Pool – Inflatable pool season is officially upon us. Throw some beach toys in the pool, turn on the music, and let them get all the energy out. Bonus: these squirt guns are great entertainment!
  • Water Balloons – self-inflating water balloons for the win!
  • Squirt Bottles – Fill up some old squirt bottles with water and let them “water the plants”. You can also find new bottles at the Dollar Store or dollar section at Target.


Physical Activity

  • Stomp Rockets: These rockets are a fun way to get your kids moving. They pop into the air and M&M have to run to retrieve them. Basically a glorified go-fetch. Hint: it also makes a great gift for any upcoming birthdays. Thanks for ours, Kerry!
  • Walk & Find: We try to get outside for a daily walk but if the kids need a little more incentive to get out of the door, the twins loved the walk and find from the Mama Notes
  • Tag or Hide-and-Seek or Red Light-Green Light: A little old fashion fun never hurts
  • Water Bead Races: Water beads are another favorite in our house! We recently had the kids race back and forth with the water beads in large spoons to see who could transfer the most to the new bowl. Think egg races but the toddler version.
  • Swing set fun: Our fourth birthday present to the twins was their new swing set. We bought the Gorilla Chateau Set from Home Depot and they love it!

toddler outdoor activities


  • Power Wheels: My parents gave the twins Power Wheel cars last Christmas and they have been a fan favorite for the last 1.5 years. We recently upgraded them to the faster speed setting – and it was a whole new love affair.
  • Scooters: Best purchase ever. The ultimate fan favorite.
  • Bikes: We have the Balance Bike and recently started trying our hand at it.

toddler outdoor activities


  • Chalk: Another classic favorite. We also had fun creating a chalk obstacle course for them to get through.
  • Gardening: This one requires more work on your end but I have been shocked about how the twins have taken to the garden. If you are thinking about starting one, our 4-year-olds are a perfect age to understand and get excited about what is growing.
  • Bubbles: Last but not least, bubbles! They have been a favorite since the twins were born. It’s amazing how well they can entertain all ages. Bonus points if you have a bubble machine.

That’s all for now, folks. I will plan to add to this list over the summer as new things pop up or if I left anything off. I’m also keeping track of everything on my Instagram Outdoor Activity Highlight. Click over there if you would like to see more visuals!

Friends: please tell me what your favorite toddler outdoor activities are! Comment below or send me an email here.

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