My 2021 Goals + Vision Board

If you are anything like me, I have been hesitant to set my 2021 goals. This is unusual for me. I have been a long-time user of the Powersheets goal planner method. It is something I look forward to receiving every December and plodding through over the course of that month. I love setting goals for myself. But this year questions kept spinning in my head: Is this year going to be another dumpster-fire? Leaning towards yes on that one. Will I be able to travel or socialize again? Very unclear. How can I possibly set goals when I have no idea what the world will look like in 3 months, let alone next week?

I’m sure you feel it too. Uncertainty. Angst. Perhaps a complete lack of motivation. However, after wrestling with it for some time, I chose to focus on the things that I can control (myself) and let go of the things that I can’t. Yes, these goals seem trite when the world around me is literally falling apart at the seams. But for me, hope will always win.

I am truly grateful for the Powersheets process to help me narrow in and focus on what’s truly important. Through lots of prayer and discernment, here my eight goals and a vision board for 2021:

2021 Goals

  1. Make our house a life-giving home – This is my most ambitious goal for 2021. We are about to start a renovation process on our backyard to put in a pool and a bigger garden. I also want to finally finish putting the final touches on the inside of our house. My longer-term view (which you can read about here) is to create a home where everyone in our family and community feels welcome and loved. Lots more to come on this one!
  2. Begin writing this blog again (hi!) & figure out my long-term plan – After some back and forth in 2020, I find myself back in the blogging space again. This year I want to finally figure out the larger vision for this blog and what I hope to accomplish here. Stay tuned 🙂
  3. Learn more about flowers and gardening – I absolutely loved the gardening process last year and I want to continue growing (pun intended) and expanding what I cultivate in my garden.
  4. Read the whole Bible – I’ve started and stopped this process a few times but this year I have made a commitment to follow through and finish it. My plan is to read each night before I pick up the current book on my nightstand. To start, David gave me a new Bible for Christmas & I got these highlighters so I can journal and mark it up.
  5. Develop honesty as a core family value – Each year I plan to choose one core value to focus on teaching the kids. This year it will be honesty. I am following Sally Clarkson’s method of training, modeling, and instructing and have a few ideas that I need to flush out. My first step: make a graphic with the definition of honesty and pin it up on our kitchen bulletin board. I am also doing research for some good children’s books on honesty to begin their understanding of the concept.
  6. Grow my friendships and community – I am excited to be able to socialize again in 2021….fingers and toes crossed on this one. The quarantine has shown me how much we love to host in our house and meet new friends & neighbors! This last year also identified my genuine friendships. Those people that showed up with love & support in 2020. I see each and every one of you & it meant so much to me.
  7. Add magic and joy to motherhood – This is a broad goal to remind me that I am the one responsible for the culture in our house. I plan to use this one to continue to hone in on our yearly traditions and our family rhythms. 2021 marks the year we will have kindergarteners! Eek – how in the world is that possible?! It seems like a big transition for our family and one that I want to be prepared for.
  8. Prioritize healthy eating – Although we generally eat pretty healthy in this house, there is some room for improvement. This year I want to focus on eating more whole foods and cutting out the processed items. I also want to work on expanding M&M’s palette and introduce them to more cuisines. Personally, I started intermittent fasting on Jan 4 to finally lose those quarantine pounds!

2021 goals

2021 goals

Phew, it’s always intimidating to put those out there into the universe! Thanks for allowing me to share these 2021 goals here. Let me know in the comments below if you landed on any goals this year so I can cheer you on. And as always, I’m more than happy to answer questions or comments. You can reach me here.

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