Our Powder Room Reveal + Before & Afters

Today I’m excited to share our powder room with you! Powder rooms are one of my favorite spots in a house to go bold with your design choices. I also love creating a little oasis for guests when they visit with well-thought-out details like nice soap, candles, and flowers. It’s a fun surprise! The fact that they are usually small rooms with a manageable number of design decisions doesn’t hurt either. Read on to hear about our process…

Powder Room Mood Board

I like to start all of my designs with a mood board to give me a vision of how the room will come together. I used Canva to pull all the images I found on Pinterest and my design selections into this board which I sent to my contractor. You can learn more about this process over on Instagram, if you are interested.

Here is what our powder room looks like today:

Powder Room 6

This is the before picture. I wish I had a better picture for you so I’ll walk you through the process next.


The first step was removing and updating the 80s wallpaper. We chose a fun Thibaut print with colors that complimented the rest of our house. In my opinion, the powder room is the place in your house to have fun with the wallpaper! It’s usually small enough space where wallpaper costs don’t add up too quickly and the rooms are tucked away so you won’t get sick of your bold choice too quickly.


When we ripped out the old vanity we found out that we would have to replace the tile since it wasn’t carried underneath the vanity. Bummer! We were actually hoping that it would be able to stay since the arabesque shape is back in style now and the off-white wasn’t offensive. With some fresh grout, it would have been good as new. Oh well! Instead, we choose a classic hexagon tile and I’m really happy with it.

Powder Room 5


We knew that the vanity was going to be replaced because it was alarmingly short which doesn’t work for my 6’5″ husband. Plus, that old school sea shell sink wasn’t vibing with the rest of the house. I knew I wanted the pedestal sink from Day 1. Yes, it’s super trendy but back to making bold decisions in the powder room…I went for it with this one. We selected this Restoration Hardware vanity, which fit our measurements and I loved the brass finish. Such a fun pop!

Powder Room 3

Powder Room 2

Lighting & Mirror

We replaced the old sconces and mirror with fresh choices. The mirror was a hard one for me because every time I found one that I loved the dimensions didn’t work. I’m happy with this one from Ballard that we ended up with. I am obsessed with the new sconces from Circa. Those were another item that I knew I wanted from Day 1.

Powder Room 1

One thing to keep in mind: if you are also taking on a whole-house renovation, the powder room is a nice place to start. It is encouraging to see progress being made on your home and to finalize the selections for one room in the house out of the gate. This was the first room I crossed off the list for our home renovation.

All the sources are below and I’m happy to answer your questions in the comments or shoot me an email. XO

Powder Room Sources:



Window Treatment 
(plus 10% Off All Window Treatments here)




Hand Wash & Hand Balm


Step Stool

Hand Towel

Tissue Box Cover

Paint Color: Trim in Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17)

Contractor: Ben Moomaw of Wichello Contracting

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