Meal Planning Quick Tip: Plan To Eat

Today I wanted to share my quick tip to streamline your meal planning & grocery shopping process. I’m not sure about y’all but meal planning always seems to be the weekly task that I dread the most. Thanks to a friend’s suggestion (hi Biz!), this whole process has become infinitely easier due to an online program and app called Plan to Eat. You can check it out here.

plan to eat

The first step is planning. Their platform has an easy drag-and-drop option to pull your favorite recipes into the weekly calendar. While it does require some upfront labor to upload your go-to recipes, once you have everything in there, it makes meal planning a dream. They even have a browser widget to quickly pull new online recipes into the system. Anything that I see on my favorite blogs (like here & here) will quickly convert it into a recipe on the Plan to Eat platform. This feature alone has increased the recipes that I experiment with and put into our rotation – it’s so easy!

The second step is shopping. Once you have everything planned for the week, it takes all of the ingredients from those recipes and consolidates them into a grocery list (sectioned off by aisle – praise be). You can print this list to take to the store with you. There is also the ability to transfer everything to one of the online grocery delivery platforms – like Instacart or Amazon Fresh. I haven’t used this feature yet, but how convenient is that?!

plan to eat

Anyway, Plan to Eat for the win. From my house to yours – I hope this is helpful. Happy planning!

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