Garden Shop

garden shop

A few of my favorite things for the garden:

Watering Cans – Option 1

Watering Cans – Option 2


Cedar Raised Beds we used in 2020

For 2021 updated garden beds, we followed this tutorial!

Gardening gloves

Stake Tags

Pruning Snip

Soil builder

Root enhancer

Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer

Hunter Chelsea Boots

Deer fences

Irrigation Timer

Dripper system

Moisture Meter

Seed Starting 101

LED Lights

Cord to tie up the lights

Heat mat with thermostat

Mini fans (to prevent damping off)

Timed surge protector

Gifts for the gardener:

Adorable Garden Puzzle

Helpful Gardening Books

You can read my blog posts about gardening here.

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