My Favorite Toddler Gift Ideas for Boys & Girls

Not too long ago, our twins celebrated their third birthday. I find myself doing all the cliche mom things like asking: Where did the time go? How do I have 3 years old? Will this age be my favorite? Today I wanted to spare you the sappiness and instead recap a few toddler gift ideas. Three-year-olds can be so tough (read: emotional and picky) but the items listed below have been our tried and true favorites for the last few months.  Hopefully, this gives you some solid ideas for the endless birthday parties on your horizon. If you are anything like me, you can stockpile a few of these toddler gift ideas in your closet so you aren’t running out every week to Target – no one has the time for that!

Toddler Gift Ideas


Toddler gift ideas

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A high school friend started a wonderful Etsy company that sells adorable reusable bags of all shapes and sizes. I focused on the snack bags for the gift guide but she also has great options (like wet bags) for all ages. Check out her shop here! We love shopping local & supporting women-run businesses


A cheap and easy way to get kids excited about bath time, these little tablets turn the water different colors and are a surprisingly good way to learn about primary colors and what happens when you mix them together. They are a great option if you want to keep your gifts under $20.


Our dollhouse and the adorable wooden family has provided endless hours of entertainment for Matthew and Molly. This age is so creative and I love how it spurs on their imagination. The ideas that they come up with are truly so fun to watch.


This Peace Doll is the sweetest concept to teach little girls about being kind and promoting random acts of kindness that they see.


These playdoh kits are perfect to have on hand for a rainy day. The adorable shop has tons of different themes to choose from and even a monthly kit subscription (which could be a great option for grandparents). It’s another woman-run shop we love to support!


Magna Tiles & Duplos = hours upon hours of playtime = happiness for all.


We have had these water bottles for over a year. They go with us everywhere and they are still going strong! Another great under $20 gift option.


Lastly, the scooters are a larger investment but my kids LOVE them. We try to spend as much time outside as possible each day and they are usually rolling around the driveway on these. A great purchase!


A few other under $25 ideas: floor puzzles, water beads, bedtime storybooks, sticker books, bubble gun, and an adorable vet kit


I would love to know yours too, so leave a comment below if you have additional ideas. And you can shop all of my current favorites right here! I also have another toddler gift guide here.


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