Twin Registry

twin registry

Clockwise from top left: Baby Breeza // A&D // Bottle // Hatch Sleep // Honest bundle // Wubbanub // MamaRoo swing // Miracle Blanket // Boppy // Swaddle blankets // Boon grass // BabyBjorn bouncer // Bottle cleaner // Sophie


  1. Swaddles (Swaddle Me & Miracle Blanket)
  2. Sound Machine (Hatch & Marpac Dohm)
  3. Blankets – these are a favorite

Larger Items:

  1. BabyBjorn Bouncer – register for two of these but only open 1
  2. Mamaroo Swing
  3. Boppy Lounger
  4. Rock & Play
  5. Pack-n-Play – this one is larger to fit both twins
  6. Baby Carrier
  7. Car seat
  8. Car Mirror


  1. Uppababy – you will need the accessories to convert to double
  2. Double Bob
  3. Joovy Twin Roo Plus


  1. Boon Lawn Drying Rack
  2. Comotomo Bottle
  3. Baby Breeza Forumla
  4. Bottle Cleaner
  5. Boppy Pillow – crucial for nursing/naps/and eventually a place for the babies to hang out/sit/rest

Clothes & Accessories:

  1. Pacifier: love this one & this one
  2. A&D diaper cream
  3. Teethers
  4. Baby Shusher
  5. Sophie the Giraffe

Diapering & Bathing:

  1. Honest Company bath kit
  2. Pigeon Baby Nail Scissors

PS: I have created an entire email series on twins. If you or your friend is pregnant or a new mom to twins, I’ve shared the link below to get that straight to your inbox. I hope it will be a helpful guide!

twin registry

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