What I’ve Been Reading Lately

Hi friends! We are through the first quarter of 2021 and into April. I wanted to recap what I’ve been reading so far this year and point out a few favorites.


Highlighted Books

The Midnight Library 5/5 stars

Started the year with this one and I LOVED it! A captivating novel about our choices that go into living life well and without regrets. Add this to your queue.

The Joy of Missing Out 4/5 stars

I read this book last year and wanted to circle back around to it for January 2021. This book explores how to live more intentionally and I highly recommend it if your life feels overwhelming at times.

Off The Clock 4/5 stars

A helpful book that explores tools for how to feel like you have more time & therefore can get more done.

The Survivors 3/5 stars

A  mystery about a murder investigation & the things dragged to the surface in a small beach town. To be honest, this one wasn’t my favorite.

The Four Winds 5/5 stars

I absolutely LOVED Kristin Hannah’s new book. This one is set during the Great Depression and follows a family escaping out of the Great Plains in Texas to an uncertain future in California.

American Dirt 5/5 stars

Simply extraordinary. This was such a powerful read about a young son and mother escaping the cartel in Mexico and coming to America. Highly recommend!

Stamped from the Beginning 5/5 stars

I’m still slowly working my way through this one, but so far so good! This is an important read. Kendi’s book follows the history of racism and how it became so deeply rooted in American culture.

The Home Edit & The Home Edit Life 4/5 stars

If you are following them on Instagram or watched their new Netflix show, these books are redundant. But with that said, I still loved looking through the pictures and getting some inspiration.

Long Bright River 5/5 stars

A gripping story about two sisters caught in the opioid crisis. The writing is fantastic & the story is heart-wrenching.

Rhythms of Renewal 4/5 stars

This book is a practical guide to finding 4 important rhythms in life: rest, restore, connect & create.

Skincare: The Ultimate No-Nonsense Guide 3/5 stars

This book is helpful for anyone wanting to create a consistent & effective skincare routine. I would also recommend checking the author, Caroline, out on Instagram! You can get most of the same information from her website and social media feeds.

Anxious People 5/5 stars

Quirky, charming & poignant. I loved this book!

A few others to note:

Deep Work 3/5 stars

Little Secrets 4/5 stars

Kid Food 2/5 stars

The Next Right Thing 4/5 stars

Breathing Under Water 4/5 stars

The Happiness Advantage 4/5 stars

Gardening Books

Vegetables Love Flowers

Cool Flowers

The Complete Guide to No Dig Gardening

All New Square Foot Gardening


I’d love to know: Do you have any favorite recent reads? And if you are on Good Reads, you can follow along with my book updates here.

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