What’s Growing in Our Garden 2021


Spring has officially sprung in Richmond, VA! We planted the garden last weekend and now we wait for it to grow. Today I wanted to run through a quick update on our 2021 summer season and what’s growing this year.

Garden Basics

Our backyard is currently under construction which means our two 4′ x 8′ raised garden beds have been relocated for this season to my parent’s yard. They don’t get a ton of sunlight in the new space so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get a good harvest this year. Note: ideally a garden needs 6+ hours of sunlight each day. A few weeks ago we filled our beds are with a mixture of dirt and mushroom compost from YardWorks. It was a quick call and they delivered it to our location a few days later. I  also added some vermiculite to help with hydration & worm castings fertilizer to round out the soil.

Most of my garden seeds came from Floret. They have an incredible selection of flowers and foliage. I started most from seeds back in February/March and kept them under grow lights inside until the threat of frost had passed (or so we thought, last week was crazy cold). Here is a post all about seed-starting 101 if you are interested in learning more.

I am also excited to grow dahlias this year – one of my favorite flowers! Those bulbs are from Eden Brothers & FiveFork Farms. Fingers and toes crossed we have some of these beauties this year!


  • ‘Gerrie Hoek’ Dahlia
  • ‘Wizard of Oz’ Dahlia
  • ‘Cafe Au Lait’ Dahlia
  • ‘Wyn’s New Pastel’ Dahlia
  • ‘Tower Chamois Apricot’ China Aster
  • ‘Valkryie Pink’ China Aster
  • ‘Cupcake Blush’ Cosmos
  • ‘Double Click Bicolor Rose’ Cosmos
  • ‘Sherbert Toned Chantilly Mix’ Snapdragon
  • ‘Procut Gold’ Sunflower
  • ‘Oklahoma Pink’ Zinnia
  • ‘Little Flower Girl Mix’ Zinnia
  • ‘Unicorn Mix’ Zinnia


  • Bells of Ireland
  • ‘Rainbow Sherbert Mix’ Celosia
  • ‘Flamingo Feather’ Celosia
  • Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil
  • ‘Green Mist’ Queen Anne’s Lace
  • ‘Queen of Africa’ Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Lace Flower ‘Lacy White’
  • Pennycress
  • Green Dragon Cress

For the Kids:

Something new we started this year was giving Matthew & Molly their own small 4′ x 4′ garden bed to experiment with. They picked out some of their favorite fruits and vegetables to grow and we bought most of the vegetable seedlings from a garden center called Strange’s.

  • Strawberry
  • Eggplant
  • Zucchini
  • Cucumber
  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • Pepper
  • Genovese Basil
  • Jalapeno Pepper
  • Pumpkins

Excited to see how this season progresses. I’ll be sharing updates along the way.

PS: What grew in our garden last year & my garden shop

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